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Question from a customer. “MC-32 looks very nice, but a bit of a concern about the delay though?”

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Wow, very good point!… The short answer is “YES” but the one who can sense this delay may not be a Terran, he must be a member of the Jedi council!! Basically, the delay simply occurs in the electronic devices, even if one condenser is added to the system, this is an electrically unavoidable issue.

However, the normal frame rate of 2.4GHz is 10mSec ~ 20mSec.

FYI, the unit “mSec” is equivalent to 1/1000 of 1 second.

On the other hand, maximum delay on MC-32 is just a few μSec.

A “μSec” is 1/1000 of “mSec” …… 1/1,000,000 of 1 second.

An unbelievable unit !!! Comparing to the current 2.4GHz communication technology which allows frequent packet-loss, one packet-loss is equivalent to more than 1000 times delay of the MC-32.

It is an awful fact that these packet-losses happen so frequently in 2.4GHz RC units produced by every famous RC manufacturer in the world.

Therefore, we believe it is absolutely no problem the delay in the MC-32.

Of course we’ll never stop improving! The next Accutec product will also be a unique and smart item.

We hope you stay tuned on MMP !!

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