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Caution when you use MC-32 with the gyro.

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MC-32, the most useful and convenient device which provides you the very best compatibility among several manufacturers and converts the conventional signal to the serial bus signal. Today, let us remind you the important points when you use the MC-32 with gyros for helicopters and airplanes.

To setup, turn off and restore the power again to the system after the mode is selected by pressing the mode select button.

OK, let me explain the reason why you need to do this procedure.

When you connect the MC-32 initially, you need to store the conversion mode.

The conversion mode on the MC-32 is :

From S.Bus(Futaba) to XBus(JR)

From XBus(JR) to s.Bus(Futaba)


From Futaba Conventional receiver to S.Bus(Futaba)

From Futaba Conventional receiver to XBus(JR)

In addition:

JR Conventional receiver to S.Bus(Futaba)

JR Conventional receiver to XBus(JR)

All of the above conversion modes are available, and once you select and set up the mode, this mode is stored and it is not necessary to set the mode again after that.

Regardless of the manufacturers, the gyro will start the initialization when you turn on the gyro, the gyro is reading out the centre position during the initialization. Please note XBus and S.Bus have slightly different  centre positions.

I need to explain a bit of a complicated story. The signal transmitted from the receiver is called “PULSE” with predefined width to indicate servo positioning. It allows proportional control to all the servos by varying the width of PULSE.

Futaba and JR have their own unique versions and this slight difference has been continued from the earlier systems. The MC-32 detects these differences and converts the pulse accordingly. i.e., employ Futaba’s standard when Futaba system is selected, and employ JR standard when JR is selected, and all automatically. So sorry to confuse you…

My point is : Install the MC-32 and power on initially,

  1. Gyro is reading out the centre position.
  2. MC-32 is selecting conversion mode.

The centre frequency keeps changing by selecting S.Bus and XBus output alternately.

Now, the gyro is confused about the centre position….

Anyway, it will be necessary to take the required steps that cycle the power to the system after the MC-32 setup is completed, and initialize the gyro while the certain signal is output from MC-32.

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