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What is MC-32 ??

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Gyros for Helicopters and Airplanes have been rapidly evolving to the serial-bus-supported type.

The conventional receivers need to connect the wires individually, but the serial bus connection system only needs to connect through a single wire to control several channels such as the trainer cord.

Serial bus connection systems simplify the wiring and minimize the troubles as a result, which is a great advantage. But on the other hand, each manufacture employs their own serial bus system which is absolutely not compatible with each other.

Also for the customers who have the transmitters and receivers which are not compatible to the serial bus system, even provided by the same manufacturer.

The device to free you from this complicated problem is MC-32 Multi Signal Converter.

This micro-sized converter provides you the compatibility between the different manufacturers as well as old and new devices, and allows you to use your conventional but favorite transmitters and receivers with the most current serial bus systems.

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