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I want to fly NINJA400MR with non-XBus-compliant radio system.

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Question from a customer who is using JR PCM12.

We got a question from a customer whether he can fly JR NINJA400MR with his transmitter and receiver such like JR PCM12 via MC-32 Multi Signal Converter. The answer is of course “YES”.

There are 2 types of NINJA 400RS. One is called “Super Combo” which includes XBus-compliant receiver (RG731BX), assemble kit, props, motors, ESP and controller. The other one is called “Combo” which includes everything such like Super Combo but only without receiver. The listed prices are : JPY64,800.- (Super Combo) and JPY52,800.- (Combo) Please refer JR Web site

Now, you are forewarned that XBus receiver only works with Bus-Compliant transmitter. In case of the customer who contacted us, the transmitter he has is PCM12 which is non-Bus-compliant, and he mistakenly assume that he needs to purchase XBus-compliant transmitter and “Super Combo”.

Super Multi Converter MC-32 has the function to convert the signal of the conventional receiver to XBus, and in case of this customer, the best way is to buy “Combo” which has no receiver included, and prepare MC-32.

Furthermore, total amount he need to pay is only JPY59,100.- (JPY52,800.- for “Combo” plus JPY6,300.- for MC-32) Now, he could save JPY5,700.- !!
He is now able to keep using his favorite transmitter PCM12 without spending unnecessary money !!!

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