MC-32 Trial Campaign now started !!!

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We are recruiting participants for the new  “Accutec MC-32” Trial Campaign !!!

Please post the review, practical impressions or points you noticed on your blog or Facebook page.

Through your direct impressions, we would like to expand this exciting new, very convenient product, the “Accutec MC-32” to users all over the world.

Please refer to the following “MC-32 Trial Campaign Information”  to be part of this program.  You will receive the detailed terms of this campaign if you are selected out of all the applicants.

Total number of MC-32’s for trial is 20pcs.

You MUST tune it !!

MC32Trial Campaign Information

Application requirements Person who runs their own blog, or Facebook users. (this could also include FlyingGiants or RC Groups etc..)
Application period from April 22nd 2015  ~  May 1st 2015
  1. 20 people will be chosen from the applicants by our office. They will receive the MC-32 for free!!
  2. Post the review, impressions and Comments regarding the MC-32 on your blog and/or Facebook page with photos.
  3. We will share (2) on our MMP Home Page and Facebook.
Application method
  1. Send the information to
  2. Write “MC-32 Trial Campaign” in message subject line in the mail address.
  3. Fill out the following information in an e-mail.
    • URL of your blog and/or Facebook address.
    • The reason you decided to apply for this program, and your impression of MMP.

Thank you for taking the time be part of this amazing new line of products.

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