Jeti ESC SPIN 300 Pro opto


Weight [g] 360
Dimensions [mm] 63 x 120 x 27
Sustained current [A] 220
Telemetry Yes
Operational temperature [°C] -10 … 85
Supply Voltage [V] 18 … 59
Batteries NiXX 24 … 40
Batteries LiXX 6 … 14
Number of power transistors 30
Cable crossection (input/output) [mm2] 3 x 4,0 / 2 x 4,0
Input capacitance [μF] 5 x 820

The SPIN Pro line offers, in comparison with the predecessors, increased adjustment possibilities, such as automatic motor timing, shut-off voltage adjustments practicable directly in volts, tuning of start-up properties for different motor types, as well as new possibilities of mode activation for setting up autorotation of helicopters.
Opto controllers have galvanically separated input (the receiver signal) from power accumulators, therefore it’s necessary to use independent power supply for the receiver and servos (4-5 NiXX or 2-3 LiXX with linear voltage regulator, such as MAX BEC).

SPIN opto controllers are provided with two JR connectors. Connector on the longer three-line cable with black ending is to be linked to the receiver. Connector on the shorter three-line cable with red ending is intended for communication with JETIBOX; for programming or data reading connect it into slot marked imp. + – on JETIBOX.